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The average New Zealander emits

this is the emissions from


barrels of oil being burnt


plastic straws being made, used and binned


lengths of NZ being driven by petrol car

The impact of doing something about it
  • Compost
  • Swap to an electric car
  • Join the collective

Create a fairer future

We help lower emissions and tackle inequality

We are each part of the problem

Be part of the solution

Doing your bit doesn’t have to be confusing, costly or tangled in contradictions

Reduce your own emissions

Take calculated climate action to reduce your emissions wherever you can

  • Calculate your carbon footprint (we like the futurefit.nz calculator)
  • Work out where your actions can have the largest emissions savings
  • Do what you can to reduce your emissions and minimise your footprint

Help others reduce theirs

Help frontline communities reduce emissions, meet their basic needs and build resilience

  • Sign up to start funding low-carbon projects that reduce global emissions
  • Invest in climate justice and climate equity action in vulnerable communities
  • Reduce much more than you can if you only focus on your own emissions

We do so much more than just planting trees

the bonus social, economic, environmental and technological benefits we get when we take climate action

The clean water project saving lives (and emissions)

In rural Rwanda, thirsty families must cut down trees to boil drinking water, or drink unclean water and roll the dice. This is an area where over 900 kids under 5 die from diarrhoea every year. 

We’re helping fund CO2balance’s Rwanda Safe Water project, establishing safe and reliable water sources in the area.

The project has: 

  • helped 68,000 people
  • prevented 10,000 tonnes of emissions
  • decreased waterborne diseases (by up to 29%*)
  • saved families time otherwise spent collecting wood (up to 2 hours per bundle*)
  • reduced deforestation and pressure on wildlife
(*study by Barstow et al., 2019 analysing similar projects in Rwanda)

Why join the collective?

It’s the most impactful climate-action you can take
Change the lives of less resilient communities through proven projects
Follow what your donations are up to and track your impact
Its easy, joining only takes a minute and you can cancel any time
We’re a fully transparent open-book non-profit
Be part of a Kiwi collective proactively creating a better future

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