We’re a Kiwi nonprofit taking action for a fairer future

Our collective of givers is having an outsized impact







Our mission = to end the climate crisis by inspiring impactful everyday giving

We want to reorient the conversation from ‘doom and gloom’ to ‘this is what I can do’

We’re after the biggest, most meaningful bang for every buck
We’ve zeroed in on how to have the largest possible emissions reductions and we’ve taken it one step further, focussing on projects supporting people who are less resilient to a changing climate. We want to help solve equity problems while we help solve the climate problem.
We know that ‘every gesture counts’ but we want to know ‘exactly how much?’
It’s hard to navigate the conflicting advice out there on what changes we should make to save the planet, but it’s not impossible. We want everyone to know the carbon impact of their choices before they take climate action.
We want to make the inconvenient truth as convenient as possible
We've been told that reshuffling our lifestyles around for a liveable, low-carbon future is going to hurt. Not true! We want to make having a massive, outsized impact as easy, everyday and affordable as possible.
Sea-levels may be rising, but we’re not leaving anyone behind
We’ve cultivated a community for anyone and everyone willing to make a positive change, no matter how small, how big or how tangled in contradictions, without the moral grandstanding.
We’re an open book, keeping you in the loop
We transparently track every dollar you donate so we can show you the projects you help fund and the impact you are having. Every year we open our books up to show you how lean we run this ship.

We're powered by a team of volunteers

Jessica Brown
The environmental brains behind things running the day to day. Inspired by smoky air, climate justice and climate-anxiety. CO2 at birth = 351.31ppm.
Nick Frandsen
The tech and business brains behind things. Inspired by changes to the coast and to protect his favourite surf breaks. CO2 at birth = 351.31ppm.
Charlie Godinet
The ideas and branding brains behind things. Inspired by all things food-related and previous excessive glad wrap usage. CO2 at birth = 353.69ppm.

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It’s the most impactful climate-action you can take
Change the lives of less resilient communities through proven projects
Follow what your donations are up to and track your impact
Its easy, joining only takes a minute and you can cancel any time
We’re a fully transparent open-book non-profit
Be part of a Kiwi collective proactively creating a better future

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