Grandad (Sir David Attenborough) has been busy

If you haven’t tuned in to Sir David Attenborough’s new Netflix special A Life on Our Planet yet, navigate your way to Netflix immediately. Everyone’s favourite nonagenarian’s new documentary is out, and it is a hauntingly hopeful homage to our planet. No one captures the beauty of nature and the gravity of our impact on it, quite like the soothing timbre tones of Attenborough himself. It’s both a sobering account of the changes he’s witnessed over his lifetime and a good kick in the guts. If you need any more inspiration to start taking climate action, it’s the place to start.

Not only content to peddle out a magnum opus of a documentary, but he’s also been about town on the press circuit. One of my favourite pieces is an article he wrote in the Sun combing some seriously depressing facts with some nuggets of thought worthy of turning into an Instagram quote post. He writes:

“Humanity is at a crossroads. The natural world is under serious threat, and the consequences could be apocalyptic. We are already seeing the coral reefs dying, forests disappearing, the North Pole beginning to melt…People sometimes think of going green as giving things up. But the opposite is true – by going green we gain clean air, we gain healthier food, we gain more wildlife and green space, and we gain a safe, stable world.”

You can read it here.

Continuing with his theme of a greener future being something to look forward to, Sir David has been by Prince William’s side helping to launch the new ‘Earthshot” prize. The prize encourages innovators to come up with novel ways to restore our planet over the next ten years. Dubbed “the most prestigious global environmental prize in history”, it intends to refocus the narrative on hope and action. Prince William has released a TED talk to support it. 

In case that’s not enough Sir David for you, I have one more treat up my sleeve. He has recently recorded an interview on the new BBC podcast called What planet are we on...?.  He couldn’t be more optimistic about the solution being on the horizon and thinks we are almost at the point where the market will shift to incentivise more environmental choices. Plus, when asked whether it is up to individuals to change first to solve climate change, his response was: “I suspect so.”. Very Co-Benefits-like indeed. 

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